About Us

PriDSC_3551dgen Homes is a family affair. The father, Ron Pridgen, has been in the construction industry for over 40 years! Growing up, Ron worked with his father until he joined the Air Force, where he served for four years. Between his father and the Air Force, Ron learned discipline, leadership and efficiency. After serving in the Air Force, Ron and his brother in-law (also very experienced in construction) worked together building custom homes, condos on the beach, renovations, and much more. Ron’s brother in law retired from the industry, and now Ron’s 2 sons, Jamie and Jody Pridgen, work with him, side by side, on every custom build.

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Jamie has worked with his father since he could hold a hammer. In school he took every class available to learn more about the industry. He took design, drafting, wood working, engineering/structural and business. While in college, Jamie temporarily worked in the land title business, learning all about closings, appraisals, courthouse records, and everything else involved in the industry. Jamie worked with many Attorneys and courthouse Public Officials on numerous properties all over Alachua County. After obtaining his construction degree, Jamie went on to work for Pridgen Homes in Public Relations.

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Jody worked with his Father part time during his childhood. After school, Jody went to work for The Home Depot. Because of his knowledge and leadership skills learned from his Father, Jody quickly was promoted to Department Manager. In time, Jody missed working with his Father and decided to return to Pridgen Homes. Jody is not the average supervisor. He believes in working, while supervising.  That not only creates a stronger relationship with the subs, but also makes the job more efficient, keeps the site cleaner, and insures every sub is steadily working with quality in mind.

The Pridgens are firm believers in 2 core principles: Love God and love people! The principles of integrity and honesty; love your neighbor as yourself; and do unto others as you would have them do onto you, are important to the Pridgens, not just in business, but in every area of life.


The Pridgens have a heart to serve not just their clients, but also people in everyday life.

If a need arises, their family oriented heart motivates them into action- whether a neighbor going through a hard time, or simply serving in the children’s ministry at their church; from feeding the hungry, to volunteering at the Alachua County Fire Department, from repairing a leaking pipe for a friend, to building a Habitat for Humanity home, they truly “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

Pridgen Homes Inc, has been building custom homes for nearly 40 years.  The Pridgen’s heart for quality, eye for detail, and hands for craftsmanship, keeps the clients coming.  Our Tag line is “A Tradition of Excellence” because our founder, Ron Pridgen has imparted his heart of excellence into his 2 sons, Jamie and Jody Pridgen.

Jody Pridgen is a natural born leader who can manage the subs with strength and with efficiency. He also is skilled with his hands, and refuses to just sit around and order people around, he works as he manages- that’s efficiency. “Make your steps count” is a saying Ron quotes regularly. Jody’s main “job” is supervising the “structure”- foundation, framing, mechanicals, and more…

Jamie Pridgen supervises the clients. Jamie is the one point of contact for each and every client. He designs, then estimates, draws up the contract, walks the homeowner thru the process, and manages the finishes. He is the one who keeps everyone on point, and in budget.

The Pridgen’s are not just a family, but a team. A team who’s goal is to please God, our Clients, and if possible, make a profit.  Profit is important, but a good reputation is a must.

Our Mission, in Building a Custom Home, is to operate as if the home we are building is our own. In every aspect of our company, we will operate in Integrity, will be fair, honesty and kind, patient and understanding, and our work will be of the highest quality and excellence. We must Love what we do. It’s not just a job, but our Honor to Build. Every Client will be treated as if they were the only Client we have- paying attention to every detail. We are a “Custom” Building Company, which means, the client makes the decisions. With nearly 40 years of experience, we have the skills to help direct the clients, but in the end, we will build our Clients heart, not ours. Our Goal- when the job is over, is to have our clients be thankful they chose us, and to recommend us to their friends and family.

We must be skilled in Leadership in the field, the office, and in the design studio.

Field: Leading the subs, with efficiency, and strength, directly them to do their job on time, and with excellence.

Office: Responding to the clients quickly, with patience and clarity. Helping them stay in budget (and us). Keeping them on track in making the selections. And create a perfect paper trail of every item selected.

Design Studio: When creating a design, and making selections, it is imperative that we give to each and every client the attention they need and deserve. We must communicate with clarity, lead with confidence, be creative yet functional.

Our target Clients are those who desire quality, and understands what it takes to get it.  Clients who care about detail, and appreciates the efforts to create them. Clients who demand a certain level of professionalism, and require a skill level that above the norm. A skill level that can create, any theme that the Client desires.  The following is a list of 6 basic themes that are typical for our region:


  1. Traditional: Most clients in our region lean toward the traditional/more southern style homes.  Home with wrap around porches, cased windows, crown moldings and more. Many styles fall into this category: Colonial, Georgian and more.
  2. Mediterranian: Clients from the Orlando/Miami (south) area, are used to more Mediterranian style: Acrocrete and stone, iron and wood. Very little trim, heavy plaster, Steep pitch roofs, with barrel tiled roofs.
  3. Modern: Clean/straight lines, little trim, shaker style white cabinetry. More tile/travertine, less wood. Low pitch roofs, with large overhangs- hip roof. Glass and stone, no “Hardi” siding (if possible).
  4. Arts and Crafts: After the Victorian Era came to a close, people were looking for strong and secure homes, so the “arts and crafts” movement was born. Homes with stone and large columns, huge solid beams, low pitch roofs, large overhangs and more. Straight trim, wood floors, usually darker colors throughout. Usually stained trim.
  5. Victorian: Thick curvy trim, everywhere. Large crown, tall baseboards, turret roofs, wrap porches, turned columns and balusters and more.
  6. Coastal: Metal roofs, straight lines, low pitch roof, and eclectic details.  Bright colors, lots of glass, lap siding and more.

We are not only building houses out of wood and stone, but more importantly we are buildings homes out of the needs, desires, wishes and dreams, straight from the heart of each client.