How We Build

Boca Del Mar-1018-PRINT-WEB 1600wHow do most builders build?
With profit as the main goal.


How do the Pridgen’s build?
With reputation as our main goal. A good reputation is more valuable them Gold. A good reputation is what keeps us building, even in a down market.


The Pridgen’s  are “Builders”, not just contractors. A contractor sits in an office, and hires a supervisor who manages subcontractors to do all of the work. Most contractors don’t know how to do the work themselves, so that is why they hire others, as subcontractors.  A true builder is one who can do the work himself, if needed.  Because he has worked in the field, he has a better understanding of how things are put together, and has a better understanding of the next steps.  Understanding the next steps is crucial in custom home building. It helps prevent mistakes, and gives the client a more detailed and accurate finished product.



Maintenance free exteriors are always desirable. The Pridgens avoid using wood on the exterior as much as possible. If lap siding is selected, both the siding and the trim is a composite material, which could give a 50 year warranty!  The Pridgens focus hard on not just the components you can see, but also the ones you can-not: The building wrap. They are strict when it comes to making sure everything is lapped correctly, taped and sealed, which helps keep the home dry, the mold out, and helps prevent future rot.



Energy efficiency should be a priority to all builders. Using less electricity not only puts money in the owner’s pocket, but also helps our environment. The Pridgen’s always recommend using Higher Seer rating equipment for the A/C, Natural gas appliances including the Tank-less water heaters, and the Spray Foam insulation against the roof deck, which allows the attics to be cooler, and keeps the A/C running more efficient.



Green building is about being mindful of our environment.  Keeping our air, water, trees, and wildlife protected, helps protect our children’s future. One way we help with that is keeping as much debris out of the land fill as possible.  We try to use up as much of the scrap as possible, or donate many items to people in need.  We also us Low VOC adhesives, and other recycled products within our homes.